MFN.CSO - Community Safety Officer  Special Constable / Peace Officer

 Emergency Call - (911)

                        Complaint line - (306)-764-0178

                 Non Emergency - 306-310-RCMP (7267)

Community Safety Officer

In 2023, Community Safety Officer's (CSO), S.Cst Bohmann, S.Cst Bair and S.Cst Wilson were sworn-in. CSO. The Special Constables received six-weeks of training in the Community Safety Induction Training Program at the Saskatchewan Polytechnic.

The CSO program was authorized by the Provincial Government on April 1st 2022, and is an opportunity for communities to have added uniformed enforcement in areas like local Bylaws and various other Provincial Statutes. There is also the hope of relieving some of the workload and call volume pressures of the RCMP for Muskoday.

There are some significant differences to the authorities. A CSO is not armed with a firearm; however, carries handcuffs, an expandable baton and Oleoresin Capsicum spray. CSO’s are authorized to enforce municipal Bylaws, select Provincial Statutes (Traffic Safety Act, Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, Mental Health Act, etc.) and take ‘after-the-fact’ complaints of minor criminal matters such as Break & Enters. Our CSO will also act as liaison with Muskoday First Nation Community School, administer the CAA Safety Patrol Program, and present on various topics such as, Community Involvement, Enforceable acts, and public safety.

The CSO is identified by a unique uniform and will be operating a unique patrol vehicle, equipped with all emergency equipment. In many respects, it is similar in markings to regular police vehicles, but is clearly identified as a Community Safety Officer vehicle. The CSO has full authority to stop vehicles for traffic violations and make arrests under certain provincial legislation. In Saskatchewan, any vehicle displaying red and blue flashing lights is considered an enforcement vehicle. Should you see these lights behind you, whether they are a regular police/RCMP vehicle, a SERM vehicle, a Fire Rescue Apparatus, a Saskatchewan Highway Patrol Vehicle, or a CSO vehicle, you are legally required to pull to the right and not enter through the next intersection before stopping.

If you have any questions on the CSO program, please feel free to contact the Complaint line +1 (306)-764-0178

The Special Constables enforce:
  • The Traffic Safety Act
  • The Alcohol And Gaming Regulations, 1997
  • The Highway and Transportation Act,1997
  • The Environmental Mgmt and Protection Act, 2010
  • The All-Terrain Vehicles Act
  • The Snowmobiles Act
  • The Municipalities Act
  • The Trespass to properties Act
  • The Mental Health Act
  • The Stray Animals Act
  • The Summary Offences And Procedures Act
  • The Tobacco Act
  • The Cannabis Control (Saskatchewan) Act
  • MFN By-Laws
Muskoday First Nation Land-Codes
  • Animal Control And livestock Law
  • Conservation of Lands Law
  • Disorderly Conduct-Nuisances Law
  • Firearm Control Law
  • Restorative Justice Policy
  • Snowmobiles and ATV Law
  • Traffic Control Law
  • Trespass Law